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12th Championship Show - 4th October 2014
at Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire

This year we had total entry of 11 Turkish cats and 7 others (e.g. household/pedigree pets). Unfortunately there were 3 absentees on the day, however we are such a small breed with just a handful of breeders and exhibitors, so all in all the turnout was good. It was a great day, and the TVCC Club table got lots of interest, mostly due to the tombola which made just short of £67. Many thanks to everyone who helped out, and also to everyone who donated prizes for the tombola.

Thanks to our Show Manager, this show was the first to incorporate the new class structure that allowed Turkish Vankedisi cats to be judged in the same classes at the Turkish Vans, and win awards accordingly. One great advantage of this was that the Vans and Vankedisi were penned next to each other, so visitors could see them side by side. Since our show is joint with several other shows, our cat pens are mixed in with other breeds, and are also split by championship / non-championship classes. In previous years the Vankedisi cats were at non-championship level, so were penned away from the Vans which were at championship level.

Best Adult Best Kitten
Best Neuter

There were three contenders for Best in Show:

Best Adult (top-left):
Tansdale Fairy Tail (blue-eyed Turkish Vankedisi)
owned/bred by Mrs S Lloyd

Best Kitten (top-right):
Izambard Badem (amber-eyed cream Turkish Van)
owned/bred by Mr J Lombard-Jordan & Mrs M Lombard

Best Neuter (bottom-left):
Gr. Pr. Adelflo Berry-Berry (amber-eyed auburn Turkish Van)
owned/bred by Miss A McLeod & Miss A McLeod-Sale

Congratulations to the overall Best in Show winner . . . Tansdale Fairy Tail (top-left, above)

Many thanks to our Show Manager, Mrs Carol Pike, and also many thanks to our President, Patsy Knight, for sponsoring the beautiful Best in Show rosettes.