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The Club maintains a kitten list to help breeders and potential owners find each other. The Club also provides those members who are also breeders with space to advertise their Cattery, so that members of the public can easily contact them.

Members wishing to avail themselves of the Kitten List facility and/or the Club website, are asked to make a contribution of £10 per year. This then allows them to place adverts on the website, and to advertise their kittens through the Club, including the website.

Is is hoped that, in time, a stud list can also be set up which will also be included in this single fee.

The above fee is due at the beginning of each year, although similar with Club Membership, a payment received after the 1st October will carry through to the following year.

This service is for members only, and will immediately cease if membership lapses, with any outstanding period being forfeit.

All entries for the kitten list should be sent to the Kitten Registrar. Any submissions for the website (breeder adverts, pictures of kittens fo the kitten list etc) should be sent to the Webmaster at

Please note that the TVCC Webmaster reserves the right to refuse or modify any submission that is considered to be inappropriate or offensive.

Subscription to the kittern list & website advertising can be paid by either

1) Making an Online Payment (payment is made via PayPal)

2) Contacting our Kitten Registrar.

Kitten Registrar
Ms Kathy McLeod
Tel: 0207 515 0119


Online Payment

By making an online payment using the form below, you agree to the following conditions:

I/We agree that the details submitted may be held on a computer file.

I/We confirm that you may contact me/us by email.

PayPal makes a small charge for each transaction, and the fees shown in the form have been increased to include these charges. This additional cost is roughly equivalent to the price of a postage stamp, so we hope this will be acceptable to you.

Please complete the appropriate fields, and click the Pay Now button to initiate your subscription.

Breeder & Kitten Lists
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NOTE: In the event that your request is refused, any payment will be refunded.